Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Belly, Today

Here are a few pictures of my belly, taken this morning. They're both from kinda bad angles. I am sixteen weeks along.

The first one was taken by Mr. Peach and now that I've cropped it it doesn't look as bad as I thought. Still, next time I'll have him squat down to shoot.

This next one was taken by yours truly and shows just how expansive my belly has gotten. Actually I think this picture might be a little skewed, as the top part of my torso was turned more than my belly was.

Yeah, surely that one's not accurate...

Well, for comparison's sake, here's a very dark, grainy shot I took when I was eleven weeks along. This one is actually from the same half-turned angle as the previous photo, but I'm holding the camera in a different place. Also, I took this one with the help of a mirror.

Next time I do belly shots I'll do them properly, none of this half-arsed business:)


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