Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh Christmas Lamp, Oh Christmas Lamp!

We don't have a Christmas tree yet, probably won't mess with getting one this year.. so we have the Christmas Lamp.

It started when I was bored, perhaps unsurprisingly. I was going to hang the lights around the entryway to the dining room but couldn't find anything to hold them up so I just strung them round and round the lamp that was standing conveniently nearby. Later the lamp was bedecked with candy canes, and soon it will have a nice pile of presents at it's base.

What to get everyone for Christmas has been a very perplexing question this year but in the last week I have managed to come up with several very good ideas. I feel quite proud and a little in awe of myself and my amazing gift-coming-up-with abilities. However there are still a few blanks on the list which shall need filling out... hmm.

This morning I got my hair cut and I am very pleased with the results. My stylist is really quite amazing. I always gush about her. I just told her a few details of what I wanted and she gave me a lovely cut. It's fun to watch her snip it too.. at times it just looks so random! But it turns out beautifully.

I saw two shooting stars last night from the Geminid meteor shower. We weren't even stargazing... it was much too cold for being outside last night. This was just looking out my southern bedroom window at bedtime. I love living out in the country.


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