Friday, May 13, 2005

A Somewhat Exciting Appointment

Yesterday we had a prenatal visit with the CNM in which we got good news! My test for Group B Strep came back negative, so I don't have to have iv antibiotics during labor and worry about getting to the hospital FOUR hours early to get them. I am quite pleased and relieved about this.

I didn't gain any weight this week (altogether so far I have gained approximately 40 pounds so it is nice when that number isn't growing), my fundal height was 38.5 cm (about a week ahead, I am 37 and a half weeks along now), and once again baby's heart rate and my blood pressure were excellent.

The CNM asked if I wanted her to check my cervix and I said sure! She said it was soft and stretchy, 2cm on the inside, 2-3cm on the outside. So it's going! I know cervical dilation isn't worth much as an indicator of when labor will start, but it's exciting to know that my body is getting ready for birth. It makes it seem very real, very impending - we're going to be having this baby soon! I still have no idea where the last nine months went. Also she could feel the baby's head while she was poking around down there, so now I know where her head is - way down low!

Oh, and I forgot to leave a urine sample! At the beginning of every appointment the nurse weighs you and has you pee in a cup. This time I was just so relieved to be getting to pee that I completely forgot to catch any! She came into the room a few minutes later and asked if I'd left it, oops, nope! I can't believe I forgot... I've been doing them forever, weekly for the past two months! But I sure did. It was pretty funny.

I've been having lots of contractions this week, still nothing major obviously, but often they're pretty regular. This afternoon is my older brother's wedding - I mustn't have the baby yet! After today she can come whenever. But I don't want to steal my sis-in-law-to-be's show!


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