Thursday, April 28, 2005

Maternity Pants Woes, Continued

I have reached a new stage in this pregnancy, a stage where my ever-expanding belly rebels against all forms of pants. Below-the-belly styles do a better job of staying up now; unfortunately this is because they are digging painfully into my flesh. The pants with the giant belly panel are now my best friend. I have two pairs of these, but one of them also cuts into my belly. So I have one pair of semi-comfortable pants and a dozen that are ouchy. Well, there is also this pair of capri pants that are wearable, but I feel like a dork wearing them because they have shin pockets. Yes, shin pockets. I don't know who likes to stash things in pockets located on their shins, and I really don't know who in the world thought a pregnant woman would want/be able to bend over and rummage around in them. I guess they're just supposed to look cute.

(I bought a huge amount of used maternity clothes cheap from a mama at the preschool where I used to work; I didn't actually pick any of this stuff out for myself!)


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