Friday, April 22, 2005

More Spring Fun

My wisdom teeth are driving me completely insane today. I guess I should go take some tylenol but I just absolutely hate taking medicine; I never do unless it's really necessary. The wisdom teeth on my right side keep cutting in and out, in and out, every few days, and have been forever, but I've been sort of pregnant for a while... waiting for that to be done with before I get them taken out.

Also when I wrote about my last prenatal appointment I forgot to mention that my CNM told me I could come off of bedrest at 36 weeks, since I would then be considered full term and they won't try to stop labor if it happens after that point. I'm about 34.5 weeks now, so not a whole lot longer to go! I can't wait. In some ways I have enjoyed this period of relative calm and inactivity, but enough is enough. And I have definitely had enough of bedrest.


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