Monday, April 11, 2005

Fetal Psychology Article

This article is a bit old but still an interesting read.

Fetal Psychology

I'm always wondering what it's like for baby in the womb so I like to read a lot about fetal development and such. The most interesting thing in this article, I thought, was the fact that from about 32 weeks on, unborn babies act just like newborns. I was watching a video clip of a new baby recently, laying quietly awake and moving around, and I thought, "That's what it feels like my baby is doing!"

I mentioned recently that her movements have changed recently. I am also finding it a lot easier to tell how she is positioned. Mostly she stays head down, and by feeling my belly I can tell is her butt is on the right side or the left, as it'll be sticking out under my ribs. I can curve my hand around it and even push it down but I generally leave her alone unless she's hurting my ribs. If I can't feel her butt and back I assume she's facing outward and often I can feel a little foot pressing outward. Yesterday she turned a little and was more sideways! She was stretching at least one leg out and I could distinctly feel her foot with my hand, and see it making the side of my belly bulge out. Depending on how's she's laying my husband and I can also hear her heartbeat with our fetoscope, and that is really neat.


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