Friday, March 18, 2005

Playing with Baby

Lately I've been 'playing' with baby... I call it that somewhat doubtfully, as I have no idea if she's having fun, but it is a neat thing. Like how she was interacting with Mr. Peach. If she's kicking me in a certain place and I press my fingers there, she will get really active and increase her thumps, kicking more, and more forcefully at my hand. Maybe it's her way of saying "Hi there!" or perhaps it's just "Shoo, you're invading my space here!" But she knows something is going on! It feels so strange to actually feel her with my hands, through my skin, through the womb. It makes it easier to imagine her outside the womb, flailing arms and legs, looking around.

Lately I've been playing Mozart through headphones on the lower part of my belly, trying to get her to turn head down and out of my ribs. I think it worked! The kicks I was feeling this morning and last night were high up, and smaller movements down low, not quite straight up and down but pretty close. However earlier I felt the same old ache in my right ribs so who knows. I'm not really worried about her position yet, she has plenty of time to turn around, but the head-in-the-ribs is a pain. Literally.


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