Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Twenty-Five Weeks!

I pretty much live in these overalls, top buttons undone, as you can see. Sometimes I even have to unbutton the middle buttons too! It's about time to make the switch to maternity overalls, made with room for a gigantobelly. I love not having a waistband pressing into my belly.

I noticed the other day that I have some new stretch marks. Just two, on the lower part of my belly, very small and shimmery... not even ugly, and much less noticeable than the scar from my navel piercing, but still, I cried for about a half hour over them. I suppose I am vain but I happen to like my young, smooth body and was (foolishly I suppose) hoping to keep it for a while. This was the first sign that things are never going to be the same, physically or otherwise, and I guess I was mourning that.

My next prenatal appointment is next Thursday morning and I'm looking forward to it. We get another ultrasound to check out baby's heart, and that'll be fun. It'll be interesting to see how much weight I've gained in the past month. It's still all mostly belly but I noticed a bit of flab above my belly, on my ribs! A very strange place for flab to be but I guess it's just been displaced by the baby, like all my organs.

Speaking of my ribs, they have been causing me much pain. I guess they're stretching out to accommodate baby, and boy oh boy does it hurt, every day. Not fun.

In other news our plumbing is fixed! We discovered Monday that our septic tank was clogged and a pipe in our well was broken. Which explains why our water wasn't draining properly and why we were hearing the pump running far more often than we should've. Mr. Peach had to go wallowing in muck in an attempt to fix it on his birthday, poor guy. We had to call in professionals though, and now it's all better! We can flush the toilet and wash the dishes and take showers! How wonderful.


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