Thursday, January 13, 2005

Remember Summer?

It got cold again... it's been in the 60's and wet outside lately, quite springlike. But today the temperature is back down to thirty, and our main heater doesn't work. Actually I'm glad the weather changed because for the past two days, our house has been filled with flies, and it has driven me near the brink of insanity. No matter how many I swatted, there were always more. But today I have seen only one.

I'm still working on my new blogger page. I'm very particular about how I want it to look and not very skilled so it's taking a while, but I'm learning! Mr. Peach has been invaluable in helping me with both the CSS and Photoshop, even though he grumbles, "I had to figure all this out for myself." Grump, grump, grump!

I bought a few books to vacation with, Naked by David Sedaris, whom I have heard is quite hilarious, and the first two books of Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. My older sister bought my family (all thirteen of us!) tickets to see the movie for Christmas, and we watched it on New Year's Day. I loved it! I loved the look of it, and the story was good too, and I personally thought Jim Carrey was brilliant as the villain. My little brother and sister had been encouraging me to read the books but I never got around to it, then decided I should after seeing the movie. That's just the way it happened with Harry Potter, too. I can't wait for the next book of that series... but anyhoo.

My mother is supposed to be coming to visit today, to see the new place and to give me some snorkelling equipment of my sister's that I'm going to take with me, but she hasn't called to say she's on her way yet. She's very much a slow poke. Not like I have a schedule to adhere to or anything but I never can seem to get anything done when I'm waiting for people.


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