Monday, January 10, 2005

Five Days Until Cozumel!

The plane tickets have been bought and the hotels have been reserved... we've bought all sorts of things for the trip, sandals and swimshoes and swim trunks and books and a nintendo DS and an underwater camera... just have to pack up and we'll be ready to go, bright and early Saturday morning!

And I just found out this morning we will be arriving the first day of Carnival! I couldn't be more thrilled about this wonderful coincedence, and I'm glad that I decided that we'd stay at a hotel right in town - right off the main plaza in fact - for the first two nights, when there will be much parading and dancing. After that we're staying at a fancier hotel outside of town for two days, then we're going to a hotel on the wild side of the island for the last three nights.

I tried on my swimsuits this morning to make sure they would work - and they both fit, I have to pull the bottoms down below my belly but they'll do. And I look quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Baby has been moving around like crazy these past four days! It's really picked up a lot in there... I get little stretches filled with lots of thumps, and even when I'm not being thumped I can still feel baby moving around. It's not exactly a pleasant feeling... but it's not quite painful... I don't really know how to describe it. It's a very strange sensation. It's fun though!

Recently I have discovered the joys of pesto. I bought a little jar of it a long time ago, a pricey little bottle imported from Italy, and last week I popped it open for the first time and spread it on some toasted Italian bread... it is so delicious!! It is seriously, seriously good and I am going to go eat some right now.


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