Thursday, December 30, 2004

Prenatal Appointment Update Along w/Holiday Stuff

Merry Belated Christmas to all, and here's to a happy new year!

I had a good but very busy period of holiday activity followed by a period of intense laziness. I got some nice gifts from my family - birdfeeder, tasty treats, chocolate... that's all I can remember right now. Mr. Peach got me a Nintendo 64 and my favorite game - Diddy Kong Racing. He also got me a set of gorgeous wooden crochet hooks. I got him a pair of ten-hole doc marten boots and some slippers - hmm, a foot themed Christmas. I was also going to get him a nice beard trimming set but there were none to be found barring a crappy set of scissors with a cute little comb at Walmart. I still have my eye out for one however.

He cleaned the house today. It looks WONDERFUL. I had a bad morning, not feeling well and I even had a little emotional crying spell:( I thought it might be the weather, it's been nice but cloudy the past few days and I need my sun... but upon reflection it might've been teething - I had a headache and later felt that a little part of one of my wisdom teeth was poking out. They move in and out... sometime painfully. I intend to get them out once I've had the baby. Then of course there's the pregnancy hormones to consider...

Speaking of which, yesterday was my latest prenatal appointment. I was eighteen weeks and a day then, and it was a very quick uneventful appointment. My mom and little sister went along, to hear the heartbeat, and I had some reservations about them going but it didn't bug me too badly.

I only gained 1.5 pounds this time, compared to six and four in the last two months. Which is good, don't want to end up a blimp. My uterus has grown three centimeters from last time and is now 17cm! It took my CNM a while to find the heartbeat with the doppler but once she did it was going pretty fast - 173 bmp! Of course baby was moving around a lot - doesn't like the doppler I don't think. She found the heartbeat much higher up this time too.

So that was that! My next appointment is January 27th, and that is when we will have the big ultrasound and hopefully find out if we're having a boy or girl.

The other night Mr. Peach had a dream that we had a baby girl who just would not stop peeing, so he was carrying her around in a two-liter like diaper contraption. The same night I dreamed we had a little baby boy who laughed and smiled at me, as I was dressing him in about five layers of onesies!!

Speaking of which I bought another baby outfit - a thing with legs that unsnap and then can resnap in a different way so that it doesn't have legs anymore, it's a gown! I hope that makes sense. Anyways I found the idea of a convertible baby garment cool and couldn't resist.

We also ordered a fetoscope - a special stethoscope to hear fetal heartbeats - and it arrived today. Even though the word floating around it that you can't hear with them until after 20 weeks, we of course tried right away. Mr. Peach was able to hear the heartbeat twice, but both times by the time he'd passed me the earplugs and I had them on I couldn't hear anything. I could hear some little bops and pops though! So that was definitely fun.

Laying on my bed using it made me wish we were having a homebirth, with a real midwife, who comes to my house for visits rather than me driving to the hospital... maybe next time, maybe then we'll have our own house built.

Today we bought our beach shoes for our trip to Cozumel. Mr. Peach got some Teva sandals and I got some Teva water shoes. We got them at a good price (although, being Tevas, they were still pricey) as we purchased them at a local outfitter's outlet.

Sixteen more days until our trip! And twenty-eight until the ultrasound. I'm counting the days til both!


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