Friday, February 11, 2005

Baby Stuff!

Here is our stroller:

The stroller has all sorts of pleasing features - it is lightweight, collapsable, unzips to recline, and has pockets!

Here is baby's bed:

It straps on to our bed, so baby can sleep next to me without being in our very small bed. It has wheels, so you can raise the sidebar and use it as a bassinet in other parts of the house, or use it as a changing table. And it also has side pockets, and a big storage space in the bottom! However I just went and saw that the bed and the cosleeper do not line up, so we will have to buy leg extensions for it. *sigh*

And this is the boppy with the cover I made, which I feel much less hateful towards now:

It is quite cozy and soft.

Yesterday I went into town and bought some more newborn gowns, an adorable little hat and sock set featuring snails and vegetables, and a sleep & play outfit on sale for only $4!!! I also bought some board books: Dr. Seuss's There's a Wocket in My Pocket (my favorite Dr. Seuss book) and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? along with Guess How Much I Love You? I'm expecting some other books from in the mail.

I have also ordered this diaper bag but won't get it until late March/early April.


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