Friday, February 04, 2005

Return of the Kittums

My cat is home again. I suspect he was under the house the whole time. When Scott came home from work yesterday afternoon I asked him if he would walk around the property with me and yell "Kitty-kitty". He agreed to and we put our jackets on and headed out the door. I heard him say "Who are you?" and saw him lean down to check the collar of a kitty curled up in the leaves beside the porch (our three cats are black, well, one is black and white but still they're all pretty hard to tell apart). That's Pixel's favorite place to lay and snooze outside and sure enough it was him!

He didn't get up though and we were worried that he was hurt. I picked him up and checked him out and couldn't feel anything wrong with him and he was purring away like he always does around me, sweet little guy. So I carried him back around to the sunroom and placed him in front of the food and water but he wouldn't eat or drink. He walked over the to wicker couch and jumped up and stayed there for the rest of the evening.

Scott found some rodent guts outside in the yard (with Bootsie's help) and guessed the Pig had caught and eaten a mouse or mole or something that had made him sick. Poor little guy. He's doing better this morning though; when I entered the sunroom he got up from the couch and came to see me. I didn't let him outside with the other kitties because I wanted to make sure he was ok. I petted him a bit and then he went and started eating! Hooray!

I am so glad he's back!


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