Monday, January 24, 2005

Home Safe and Sound

We made it back. Our trip went without a hitch, and only a few moments of various worries. I promise to write out some details and post some pictures soon but at the moment I am feeling no motivation to do anything whatsoever and will probably spend the day doing light housework and playing KOTOR II. If any of my dear readers love Star Wars and video games, they should play this game. I love it so. I love it as I have not loved a game in a long, long time. I played through about half of the first KOTOR before I stopped for some reason (probably got frustrated) and never picked it up again. But this one is much better. I love it. It's a bit buggy but still wonderful.

The water was beautiful. Being in Mexico was interesting. My Spanish from high school and college was helpful. I don't know it well enough to converse easily with the natives by any means but we were able to communicate well enough and I can read Spanish and understand it, and that was helpful. Plus it's pretty touristy there and a lot of English was spoken.

Baby is thumping away like crazy now, often throughout the day every day, and a lot of times when I wake up at night too. My belly is getting quite large; it's beginning to get harder to bend over, and get up from sitting on the floor. Our next prenatal appointment is this Thursday morning and that's when the big ultrasound is. When we were in Cozumel we bought a little embroidered baby dress, just in case it's a girl... I couldn't pass up the opportunity after all! We also got a silver baby rattle (which chimes like a bell rather than... rattling like a maraca or something) so we'll have something for the baby from our trip either way.

It was so nice to be in the sunshine, in the 85+ degree weather, in the warm ocean... when we got on the plane in Houston for the last leg of our flight the pilot said it was 30 degrees with 25mph wind gusting from the north here, and I said to Mr. Peach, "Let's stay in Texas." He said no. Which is okay because I didn't really want to stay in Texas, I just didn't want to come home. Actually it's not horrible to be here, I just wish it wasn't so freaking COLD. Also I am feeling kind of bummed about having to stay here alone all day. That's why I'm feeling so lazy and out of sorts I'm sure.. it's winter and it's too cold to go outside comfortably and I'm here alone... just me, and the baby-in-the-belly, who is currently bouncing around.

I want to talk more so that the baby will know my voice. I guess it will anyways, since it's not like I go all day without talking, but it's pretty quiet around here during the day. When I talk aloud to myself it's usually in a half-whisper. So I'm going to try and make myself speak aloud to the baby. I should get in the habit of doing this anyways, since once the baby is born hearing talking and lots of different words will help it's mental development.

So, off I go to chatter into the air!


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