Thursday, February 03, 2005

Have You Seen This Cat?

My kitty, Pixel, AKA Mr. Pig, didn't come home last night and I'm very worried about him. The cats stay outside during the day but at night we let them in the sunroom. Well, last night I called and called and he never came. He's stayed outside all night before but never without making an appearance at home first. Mr. Peach drove around the nearby roads, looking for him. He didn't want me to go and see him mushed if he'd been hit by a car. But he didn't see him anyways, which was a relief, but he still has not come home. It's even more upsetting that there's nothing I can think to do, other than stand on the porch calling "kitty-kitty" and clicking my tongue. If we lived in town I could at least put up posters.


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