Monday, February 07, 2005

Project Completed: Boppy Cover

I just finished sewing a cover for my Boppy pillow. It was HARD. I am very much a beginning sewer and the geometry of the whole thing about did me in. As a matter of fact I am so disgusted with the thing that I'm not even going to post a picture, which I came here to do. Stupid thing.

I should've gone with the idea of modeling the cover from the plastic case the Boppy came in, but unfortunately I'd already cut the fabric by the time it hit me. However I still have plenty of fabric and in a few days when the sight of the Boppy no longer fills me with aggression I plan on sewing another one. It's a nice pink rosebud printed flannel, cozy and soft.

In other news, the Arm's Reach cosleeper we ordered which was supposed to be here on Saturday still is not here and that fact is making me quite grumpy.


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