Thursday, April 07, 2005

For the Rest of the Pregnancy

I had an appointment with my CNM today and was told that I could expect to be on bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy, which, she says, she would be very surprised to see go all the way to my due date. I don't have to lay down, I can stay sitting up at least, but I am not to be getting up and around, not to go anywhere other than my appointments, not to have sex. I am very, very bummed.

She did an internal exam and found that I had not dilated or effaced anymore, which is good, but she still said that the fact that I had dilated and effaced as much as I had, plus having two recorded spells of regular contractions, was very serious at this early point. Hence the continued bedrest.

I had gained three pounds since last week, and was measuring a week ahead. Baby's heart sounded good as always.

So that's my suck-ass news of the day. I was really expecting her to tell me something better. I guess it was just wishful thinking. Intuitively I do not think the baby will be making an appearance real soon, so I am not freaking out about having a premature baby, but I still would rather not have one. So, I'll follow her orders until baby is full term. Maybe by then or even before then I'll have made so little progress that I can be given the go ahead to do normal things.


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