Sunday, April 03, 2005

Contractions, Contractions, Go Away! But Please Come Back at the End of May.

How cute and rhyme-y am I?

Yeah, still having contractions. Definately when I stand up and walk, more likely when I am sitting up, but not quite as frequently when I am just laying down. I had a pretty quiet day yesterday, uterine-wise, and thought, hey, maybe the yootie-eye is gone, maybe the contractions are over! And then I had a few. Boo.

Today is much like yesterday. I'm not really having periods of contractions like I was before they told me not to lay on my back, but I think it might be just the same if I was laying on my back, so really I don't think anything has changed.

Anyways, something funny happened today, I just laughed and laughed. My dear husband has been waiting upon me during this time when he is home, and I asked him to make me some grits, two servings! So he goes in the kitchen and is cooking away, and he asks if I want honey or anything on them, and I say, blech, no, I like them with butter and salt and pepper. So in a few minutes he brings in a bowl and I send him back to the kitchen after a napkin and a spoon that would actually fit in my mouth (I'm so demanding). Now I've been vaguely aware that there is something strange about these grits but it took an astonishing amount of time to realize what it was - they weren't grits! It was MALT-O-MEAL!! I shrieked that those were not grits and then proceeded to laugh and laugh. A double bowl of malt-o-meal topped with salt and pepper! I dumped a bunch more butter and brown sugar in and managed to eat about half of it, I could still taste the pepper though. Yuck. It was pretty funny.


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