Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another Appointment, Another Ultrasound

Yesterday was the first of the every-two-weeks prenatals and the glucose tolerance test. I also had another followup ultrasound because my CNM is forgetful. I didn't really mind because ultrasounds are fun. However her absentmindedness is tiny bit worrisome.

Baby was head up this time, her head right below my right ribs, which is where she's been hanging out a lot these days. I saw her little face pretty well, and a foot, and of course her little heart, beating away. Got a few pictures, which is good as Scott didn't get to come to this appointment.

My blood sugar and iron levels were good! I wasn't terribly worried about it but it's nice to know that everything appears normal.

I've gained a whole lotta weight. The nurse was WRONG last time and I was right, *grumble*, I had gained eleven pounds, not one. And since then I've gained four pounds which is like twice as many as I should've. So I'm going to make myself exercise every day and keep a closer eye on what I'm eating. All together I have gained about thirty pounds, and I'm only twenty-eight weeks along. To make myself feel better about it I remind myself that I usually gain five to eight pounds in the winter so those pounds don't count.


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