Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Creature on the Couch

That would be me. My dear sister hooked me up with a laptop today so I can be on the computer and still be on bed rest, yay! I'm slowly adjusting to this tiny keyboard and strange mouse pad... it's been a very long time since I've been on a laptop.

I'm still having some contractions... not like before though. I'll have a few periods of 15-20 minutes a day where I'll have 5-6 little short contractions, just laying down, and I'm guaranteed to have them if I stand up and I get them much more easily sitting up too. I contacted the hospital about all this and they told me to just stay off my feet, get lots of fluids, and call if anything worsens. I have an appointment with my CNM tomorrow afternoon so we'll see how everything is going then.

My family has been very helpful and supportive. My sister and brother-in-law brought me some Easter dinner on Sunday since I couldn't make it to the family festivities, and my mom came to spend the day with me yesterday, and my sister brought me the laptop this afternoon and visited a bit again so I haven't been lacking company. Mmmmm and my mom brought me eggrolls. How can I love eggrolls so much? I don't know but I do. I need to find a good recipe for them.

Bed rest has allowed me to get much crocheting done. I'm making enormous progress on that lacy jacket. But other than that I don't really like having to lie around. It's lovely and springlike outside; I want to get some exercise... I want to go shopping and bake and do housework and see my kitty but I can't. Hopefully I won't be on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy; hopefully all these shenanigans are due to the UTI. In fact I'm going to go research that right now.


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