Tuesday, April 12, 2005

33 Weeks

Today makes 33 weeks and I'm glad I'm this far along. My CNM said I probably would not make it to my due date of June 1st, but I waver between agreeing with her and thinking that she's wrong. I think I may just have a problem accepting the fact that I have a good chance of having a premature baby because I want so badly to have a full-term, healthy baby. I guess we'll see.

I'm still having the occasional contraction while just sitting around, and still am guaranteed to have them if I'm on my feet. So I'm staying off them as much as I can. When Scott is at work I have to fetch whatever I need for myself, and in the evenings I get a little stir-crazy and take a walk around the house, but other than that, yeah, I'm staying put.

My belly is growing and growing. The stretch marks on my lower belly are quite prolific but I don't feel much angst over them anymore, though I wish they weren't there. Lately my belly has been itching so I think we're having a growing spurt here! It really feels like there's a baby in there now. I mean, I know there's always been a baby in there, but now it feels like there is a BABY in there. I can distinguish body parts and have a better idea of what she's doing when I feel movement. I dig it.

In other news that has little if anything to do with pregnancy, I planted some basil seeds in starter cups the other day and am somewhat concerned about them. I know they need warmth to sprout, and it's been rather cool lately. So if I planted them and it's too cool it will just take until it's warm for them to sprout, right? I hope I haven't killed them or anything. I'm envisioning huge bountiful bushes of basil from which I will gather leafy handfuls during the summer and use to make pesto sauce. I really love pesto.

And I toyed around with the sidebar, added a flickr badge (flickr is way neat! three huzzahs for flickr!), rearranged some stuff, etc.


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