Thursday, April 14, 2005

When You're Pregnant Your Pants Don't Stay Up

It's an unfortunate fact (for me at least). Maternity pants either have a panel that covers the entire belly, which irritates me enough to only wear them when everything else is dirty, or fit below the waist and do not stay up, leading to constantly hitching them up. Or not hitching them up, and walking around with plumber crack, which is made worse when you can't wear undies because you have outgrown them (don't worry I'm buying more tomorrow). This is what I was doing yesterday and my husband saw me and laughed at me. He thought it was really funny that he could see my crack. Ha Ha. Actually I thought it was pretty funny too.

The perfect solution to this problem is suspenders. Unfortunately the only person I have encountered who wears suspenders is my high school math teacher and in my gravid state I would resemble him and his huge beer gut far too closely for comfort so suspenders are right out. (Hmmm, I guess his beer gut is what caused him to wear suspenders, because like a pregnant woman, his pants wouldn't stay up! Fascinating!) Overalls are a sort of more fashionable answer but unfortunately my regular overalls don't fit at all anymore, even with all three side buttons undone, and I opted to buy a cute denim jumper rather than maternity overalls and the jumper just doesn't work so well with the bedrest lifestyle.

So yeah, plumber crack.


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