Friday, April 22, 2005

Another Prenatal

Today's visit with the CNM went well once again! No weight gain to speak of, urine and blood pressure and baby's heartrate were all fine, and my cervix hasn't dilated or effaced any more. All good news! I am still measuring at 35 weeks, which is fine as I'm not quite to 35 weeks yet.

She said that since my cervix had stayed the same for the past few weeks it is looking likelier that I will make it to my due date. Which is good! I was kind of worried that all the activity of the past week had stirred things up but it doesn't appear to have done so.

I asked her about ivs and amniotomies during labor, two things that were portrayed as routine by the OB nurse during our recent labor & delivery class. I was hoping we would have things a little differently with our CNM than the couples delivering with the OBs. I was pretty satisfied with the answers she gave when I asked if those were things that could be avoided. So I am not so worried about my veins being stabbed and waters being broken the minute I'm in a hospital gown anymore. All in all I am feeling pretty good about giving birth in this hospital, though I would prefer to do it elsewhere. This time I think it will be ok.


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