Friday, April 29, 2005

35th Week Appointment

Today's prenatal appointment was uneventful - which is good. The CNM didn't do a cervix check this time; she agreed that the contractions I'd been having this week weren't anything serious and she thought that since I'd come this far with no further dilation or effacement then I should be ok. My blood pressure and baby's heartbeat were once again fine. I gained two pounds this week, which puts me at a total gain so far of 36 pounds! My uterus was measuring 36 weeks, a few days ahead, and the CNM confirmed that baby is in fact head down. She said that next week when I do hit 36 weeks that I can get up and return to life as normal! Five more days of this! Then I can start to prepare for this little one's arrival.

My sister and her husband took me to the appointment, as it had been rescheduled for earlier in the day and my husband couldn't accompany me. Afterwards we had her husband take pictures of us outside for our mom's birthday present. We are both 35 weeks pregnant with little girls, my parents' first grandchildren. That was fun, except the wind blew my door shut and locked us out of the house! Luckily my inlaws live right next door and have a key to our house, and I was able to hunt down my father-in-law and borrow his keys.


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