Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sixteen Months Old

This sixteen months we have seen an explosion of language take place in Pearl's mind. She mimics words she hears all the time and it is so neat! She is especially interested in "sh" words - crash, hush, shoes, dish (which is her word for duck, long story, ok, it's not really a long story, one of her books has a picture of a duck and the line on that page ends in 'dish'), fish. More words and phrases: It's cold, kites, toes, baby, pillow, socks, bye (she has mastered waving bye too!).

I love hearing her talk. She's a very friendly little thing and loves greeting things: "Hi, socks!" "Hi, shoes!" "Hi, milkies!" "Hi, toes!"

She still reads her books like crazy and she has begun saying the appropriate words and noises on the right pages. Her new favorite is The Monster at the End of this Book.

Reading a Magazine

She is so funny - whenever she sits down, she makes a very satisfied sigh, "Ahhh!" She makes a similar noise after she has a drink.


Pearl is becoming so dexterous! She manipulates her stacking/nesting cups in all sorts of new ways, loves playing patty cake and itsy bitsy spider, and can ride around, steering very well, on her "quike":

On Her Quike.

Watching her pick up and try out our behaviors for herself is so fascinating. She tries to slide Daddy's sunglasses onto her head, sling my purse over her shoulder, step into my shoes. Anytime she is in the bathroom she grabs her little potty and sets in on the closed lid of the big potty (emptying it!) then moves to flush it.

She's lessened her intake of solid food this month but is still nursing like crazy. I am liking this stage in our nursing relationship a lot. She can latch on completely by herself, heck, she can dig through all my clothes and find my breast all by herself too. The fun part is when she talks as she nurses or when she unlatches to say something serious, or to giggle. She still is the most acrobatic nursling I have ever met, and loves to nurse in contorted positions.

Her eighth tooth came in and from how she's been sleeping and napping (or rather, how she's NOT been sleeping and napping!) I'd say number nine will be appearing soon.

We are so very busy that I am startled every time the 28th rolls around. I would never have believed, before I became a mother, how quickly a helpless, squirmy, squeaky little bundle of cuteness could turn into a walking, talking, dancing, running, stomping, singing, happy, fun little person. I could never have imagined how wonderful it would feel to walk through the world with her little hand in mine.

An Evening at the Park, Version 2

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Blogger famjaztique said...

I absolutely love you layout/template. I'm trying to figure out how to completely customize, but really don't understand much. Any chance you'd like to give me some hints?

4:19 PM  
Anonymous S said...

She is such a beautiful little girl. All the talking sounds like so much fun! It must be so cool for her to be able to communicate with speech. I love the pics as usual. The bare tush on the trike is priceless! And tell the truth ... did you use a PS effect on that last one? Something that made it blurry around the edges? It's a very dramatic picture -- almost like she's in a spotlight. I ask because I'm a PS moron, and am always looking to add things to my extremely spare bag of tricks!

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Sweet little naked biker bum!!! I can't believe how much she is talking. I feel like we're so far behind with that.

And "Hi milkkies!" LMBO!

2:03 PM  

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