Friday, September 08, 2006

I Can See! (Sort of)

I finally went and got my eyes examined. I have poor vision... not too horrible, I can function without glasses but I do need them, as the world is pretty blurry when I don't wear corrective lenses of one sort or another. I got contacts this time around. I used to wear contacts but I didn't take them out every night like I was supposed to because if I just left them in around the clock, my eyes would feel fine, but if I took them out and put them back in the next day then my eyes itched like crazy. So I just left them in until my eyes got red and my husband put his foot down and made me get glasses.

Since then they've come out with several kinds of contacts that you can leave in overnight, for as long as thirty days. Heck yeah! They sound perfect for me. Hopefully they'll work out. I have them in right now and they feel okay. I can't see close up well at the momenth because my eyes are still dilated, but that's cool with me because I bear a striking resemblance to evil Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer this way.



Blogger Susan D. said...

I go back and forth between glasses and contacts every few years. I've been in glasses for about 3 years now and sure enough, contacts are looking good to me again. But, ye gods, how I hate sticking my fingers in my eyes! Anyway, hope you enjoyed your Willow moment.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Ha ha- that's funny. I went with my mom to one of her eye appointments recently and she looked so creepy after they dilated her eyes. It was actually very funny. That, and the fact that her eyelids were not blinking at the same rate...very funny.

10:34 AM  

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