Thursday, June 02, 2005

First Doctor's Visit

Today we took Pearl into town today for her first pediatrician appointment. Her weight is doing fine, 7 lb 7 oz. It's normal for newborns to lose a bit of their birth weight and we go back to the doctor again in two weeks to make sure she's back up to where she started! The pediatrician said she is doing perfectly and is as healthy as can be - very reassuring words to a new mother who worries. I mentioned to the pediatrician that my nipples were sore and she had their lactation consultant come in and see me - we had to wait a bit as the LC wasn't really working, was just there getting her kids' shots taken care of, but it was worth the wait as she had some good pointers. We just need to tweak Baby's latching on a little, already I am hurting less.

Then we went on Pearl's first shopping trip - had to pick up some things at Target. One of those things was baby fingernail clippers. I bought a pair of those months ago! We took them to the hospital and I got about two fingernails cut when my mom called and then Baby started crying so I never finished the job, just had my husband pick up some mitts (from Target!) when he went to pick up pizza that night. I was going to cut them at home but couldn't find the stupid things. I got out a pair that came in a baby healthcare kit but they were pretty worthless, so I had Mr. Peach pick up another pair when he went into town (from Target again! I should get paid for all of this advertising!) but he unknowingly got the same pair from the kit... so today we got another pair, they didn't have the same kind as I originally bought but they had a style similar, just with longer handles, so I got them.

Anyways, this is going somewhere I promise, I'm not just aimlessly rambling on about baby nail clippers. (Or am I??)

When we got home I was changing Pearl's diaper and digging around in the diaper bag and guess what I found - the originally nail clippers! So we now have three different styles of baby nail clippers.

(Ok well maybe that wasn't the most exciting conclusion. Sorry.)

While we were in town we also shipped my hotsling off... I am exchanging it for the next size up, it was about impossible to squeeze Pearl into that one. Hopefully they will be snappy about sending the replacement so I can get to slinging! I still get tired pretty easily but am no longer in pain if I'm standing so I'm about ready to be up and about.


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