Wednesday, June 01, 2005

These First Few Days...

...have been, for the most part, lovely. Pearl is still sleeping most of the time, but she seems to be spending more time awake and alert each day. Her first two nights were a bit rough, but the last two have been nice - we get in bed at around eleven, and I nurse her to sleep, then we wake at around two and I feed her again, then back to sleep until about daybreak, do the whole eat and change diaper thing, then back to sleep until nine or so.

Breastfeeding is going well in some respects - Pearl seems to be getting plenty to eat, and now that my milk has come in she makes the sweetest little sounds as she eats, muffled 'ahhhhh's. Very cute. However, I am very sore. Not sure if it is a latch problem or just beginner's tenderness.

I am spending most of my time on the couch resting, doing a lot of baby-gazing. I love watching her face and the expressions that flit across it as she sleeps, especially the little smiles. So sweet.


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