Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Life Filled with Books

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There are very few times in my life that I can recall when I was not reading at least one book. Reading is like eating (I happen to often combine the two activities!)

I started reading to Pearl before she was born, and her father read her some Dr. Seuss before she even left the hospital. For the first few months of her life Pearl and I fell asleep listening to him read aloud in bed each night. Not long after that she started obviously enjoying being read her books while nestled in our laps.

Her books are her favorite toys, and one of the few she will play with on her own, though she is not always content to do so - in fact, if I am sitting at the computer while she is awake, there is a good chance I am being whacked with a book!

She recently has begun reciting words she's memorized while she sits and reads to herself, punctuating the babble with "shhhh!" or "kite!" or "kiss!"

We occasionally go to Baby Bookworms at the library, or just to the library itself, letting Pearl wander the rows upon rows of books, selecting some to sit in nooks and read.

I spend a lot of time looking online for books to get her as she grows (this is one I am particularly looking forward too, but I am making myself wait until she can really get the most out of it! Next fall, perhaps.) I've created a wishlist for her too, mostly containing books I loved as a child.

The world of books is such a fascinating one, one that I have gleaned so much from. I am thrilled to be sharing my love of reading with my daughter and watching as she gets her toes wet in the literary life.

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