Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today my husband cut off all of his gorgeous hair. His new haircut doesn't look horrible I don't suppose, but his long hair was just so beautiful. I remember the first time I saw him, how attractive I found it, how badly I wanted to touch it. It's all gone now. I miss it. Perhaps ridiculously so, considering it's just hair, right? But that's how it is. I loved his hair.

Anyways, on to some baby thoughts.

Pearl is decidedly more vocal these days regarding her dislike of diaper changes. She makes lots of protesting grunts and moans; rarely do they ever escalate to crying though.

When she's sleeping lightly her face displays a whole spectrum of expressions. My favorites of course are the sleep-smiles. Sometimes she laughs too, and that is just about the most delightful thing ever.

I'm really hungry now so I am going to take advantage of Pearl's sleepy state and go eat.


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