Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Frump, Frump, Frump

I have never felt more unattractive in my life. My skin looks horrible. My teeth are insanely crooked. That's nothing new; I have always needed braces in a bad way but my parents couldn't afford them. They had six kids, one income, and for some stretches didn't have dental insurance. That's one of the promises I've made to myself concerning Pearl - I don't care if I have to get a sucky job for that express purpose, if her teeth are crooked she is getting whatever work she needs done. I don't want her growing up hating her smile. Maybe we can get braces together.

I haven't had a haircut in nearly a year - I usually get a cute shorter haircut, then after a while I decide I want to grow my hair out, but then after eight months or so I look all crappy so I get it all cut off again. This is why I haven't had a haircut in nearly a year. I did manage to grow my bangs out this time but now I think I want sideways bangs again, those were cute.

I'm stretchmarked from my armpits down and though I did bounce back to near normal quickly enough after giving birth, my belly is still quite soggy. While pregnant I envisioned doing lots of walking outdoors with my baby in the sling but I didn't realize how hard it is to get out the door with a baby, or how hot it would be this summer. So there has been only very rare exercise being done around here. None of my prepregnancy clothes fit very well and that doesn't help me look any better.

I need a haircut, I need some new clothes, I need some exercise. I hate feeling so ugly.


Blogger KB said...

I too have been there. It seems to be at it's worst the first 6-9 months, and then you slowly start feelin better again.

$100 dollars and an hour or so alone to try on clothes at Target could do wonders for you. They have some pretty cute stuff for fairly cheap.

hope you feel better soon

2:34 PM  
Blogger ginger said...

I can SO relate! I promise.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Selena said...

I know how you feel. I too had dreams of frequent walks with the baby this summer and that happened around twice. Instead we spent most of the summer parked in front of the air conditioner or conked out on the couch in front of the air conditioner. Personally I'm glad summer is over, though I don't know if winter is going to help my frump any. ):

4:36 PM  
Blogger Daphne_Blue said...

Yeah, the only thing that made me feel better after having the baby was going out and splurging on jeans that actually fit me. The maternity ones were (obviously) too big, and the old ones were too small. Having something that actually fit me did wonders for my self esteem.

If it will make you feel better then go get your hair cut and buy some new outfits. You deserve it!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Pusillanimous Wanker said...

Oh sweetie, I hate to hear you sound this way. Perhaps you are using the wrong mirror. I think you will find the eyes of your husband and daughter much more flattering. That (and generous helpings of these lady's advice) should do the trick.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Damn did I write this post?! I JUST got my hair trimmed yesterday, had to get a babysitter to do it (MIL). I wanted to do a cute style I had in the past with sideways bangs too, weird coincidence (plus the cut it/grow it out/cut it/grow it out, etc)! Soggy stomach, no clothes that fit right or look good. The only difference is my stretchmarks are on my butt and thighs (which didn't appear until AFTER the pregnancy), the upper half came out ok.

From your photos you are hardly the image of ugly, I always thought you were pretty, naturally!

4:47 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

I forgot...yup also had visions of walks w/the babe in the sling until I realized it was 200 degrees everyday and I get eaten alive by mosquitos at night! Soon enough though we'll get that beautiful fall weather

4:49 PM  
Blogger JulieB said...

Target is great for pants that fit, then check out the local thrift stores for some cute shirts. My favorite cheap place to shop is the local VNA/Hospice Thrift Shop. We are in a wealthy county and some of the items are incredible...all for $2 or $3 each. Last week found a nice black jacket, a cheerful yellow t-shirt, and a purple sweater that will work with my black suit pants.

2:14 PM  

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