Wednesday, June 15, 2005

8lb 9oz!

So, Pearl has these decidely fussy periods during the evening. Not fun.

Her cord stump finally came off, thank goodness. It was awfully scratchy and pokey to the both of us.

We took her out to a restaurant on Friday night, and she snoozed in the sling the whole time! It was great.

Yesterday she had a pediatrician weight-check appointment and she has gained a pound and two ounces since her last appointment - 8 lb 9 oz, up from her birth weight of 7 lb 14 oz! She's loving that breastmilk and growing like crazy! I love nursing her now that it's no longer painful. It's just amazing that I can nourish her so completely. I'm thrilled.

Now, while Pearl is sleeping, I am going to try and reclaim my kitchen from the ants. They recently forayed out from the sink area and discovered the food cabinet. Not good.


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