Friday, July 29, 2005

Baby's First Movie

Today Pearl went and saw her first movie in the theaters. Well, I guess she didn't really see it, but my husband and I did, and Pearl certainly heard it, it was hella loud. The movie itself was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I was super excited to see, as I love the book, love Tim Burton's films, love Johnny Depp, and disliked the first movie. It lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed it immensely. I thought the Oompa Loompas were great and my husband loved their singing and dancing too. He laughed throughout the film.

So, since I've told you that we saw it you probably guessed that Pearl was well-behaved during the showing. She was. We went to a matinee showing and except for one couple, the few other members of the audience were families with small children, and there was one other baby there, so I wasn't too stressed about the possibility/probability that she would start crying at some point. She was up and looking around for the commercials and previews, then started squawking a bit when the movie began, of course! But I put her to the breast and she nursed happily for a while - except it was one of those times when she wanted to talk the whole time as she ate, and was very noisy about it! But at least she wasn't wailing. After that she was a little cranky and tired so I put her in the mei tai, where she promptly spit up on my chest. She wasn't content there long, so her daddy walked her around the empty aisles behind us until she fell asleep, and she was fine for the rest of the film!

Afterwards we went to a farewell party at a restaurant in town for a guy that my husband (and I used to) worked with. We saw a bunch of people that I knew from my days as an employee who hadn't yet met Pearl, and got to see my sister and niece too, as my sister and brother-in-law work in that department too! (My brother does also, pretty crazy! He wasn't there though.) We stayed for a bit, ate quickly, then headed to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test.

Not that I thought I was pregnant! I am going to get an IUD in two weeks and was instructed to take a home pregnancy test today, and they'd test me again at the time of the appointment, and we're to abstain until then. I took it when I got home and it was negative. It's a weird feeling, peeing on a stick when you don't have any reason to suspect you're pregnant... I've taken pregnancy tests three times before this and each time suspected I was pregnant. Once when I thought I might be but hoped I wasn't... and I was. Once when I hoped I was, thought I might be... but wasn't. And once when I thought I might be, didn't know whether I was hoping or dreading... and was!


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