Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Our New Toy

We got a digital camcorder! A Canon Elura 90, to be precise.

I decided I had to have one... because I know I'm not going to remember all this as clearly as I would like to and it will thrill me to death to be able to watch footage of Pearl batting at toys when she's grown and too busy running around with college boys to call her mama. *sob* Seriously though, I think it was a worthwhile investment, not just for me, but perhaps for her someday as well. Maybe one day when her daddy and I are gone she will enjoy watching us together when she was little. Also, it will be nice to give family members opportunities to see things they can't be there for in person.

Well, writing this post is a lot more depressing than I anticipated. Yeesh.

We're waiting on the delivery of a special board for the computer so we can transfer videos stored on the mini DV tape to the computer and toy with them, perhaps after that I will be able to post some clips here! That'll be fun.


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