Monday, September 19, 2005

Baby's First Sound

Pearl has been talkative right from the start - in the hospital we called her a little squeaker. But yesterday she made her first noise without the use of her vocal cords, a little smacking sound, a kiss without the pucker. She was doing it all day, very cute. I can't wait until she starts the tongue clucking and raspberries. Fun times ahead.

A little update on our elimination communication progress: it's going well. Better on days when we sit tight; naturally running around town throws her off. I am not yet brave enough to attempt it in public restrooms and though I have brought her little potty along and tried to get her to go in the car, she never has. Once she did, being held over a diaper, but that was it. And on days we go into town we are often out of sync well after we get home, too, but not always. Depends on how stressful the trip was on us, I guess. However, when we leave the house to go to one place she does splendidly. Last week at my sister's she was in the same diaper from the time we left our house until the time we arrived home - from about 10am to 5pm. I didn't miss a single pee. She was in the same diaper all the while the visit before that too, maybe one wet diaper, I can't recall. I think we do so well there because I don't have anything to do but hold and pay attention to her, and talk with my family. I don't get distracted from her cues by housework, preparing food, etc like I do here at home. I'd say that on a normal day here around the house she has about four wet diapers and goes the rest of the time in the potty. Poopies, well, for the past few days we've been doing well but before that it was a half in the diaper, half in the potty sort of thing, as I wouldn't realize she need to poop until she was doing pooping, then I'd move her to the potty and she'd finish there.

I don't know that I'm quite ready to attempt ECing at night but something different will have to be done as she's soaking her double stuffed fuzzibunz by early morning, which I think is the reason for the recent bout of 6am wakings. So sometime in the night I'm either going to have to potty her or change her diaper to avoid the wetness waking her.


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I was just thinking about the EC thing and wondering how it was going. That's amazing!

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