Friday, November 25, 2005

Ahhh.... Thanksgiving Is Over

My little family is lucky enough to attend two Thanksgiving dinners: my mother's, which took place yesterday, and my mother-in-law's, which was today. Double the turkey, double the visiting, double the stress on the mama's part. Worrying that Pearl would scream the whole way home from my mother's, that people would insist on holding her when she didn't want to be held, that she would be overwhelmed by all the people, that she would freak out when she woke up in a strange place.

Both dinners were fun and all. Yesterday, Pearl did freak out when she woke up in my old bedroom, but I got to her quickly enough this time to quell all-out unhappiness. And keeping the inside car light on, singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm with every possible animal and some vegetables included for thirty minutes, and then giving her a new toy to play with on the ride home prevented the evening car ride screaming until we reached our driveway.

Today at my mother-in-law's was both better and worse. Better, because it was in a house Pearl is very familiar with, and I could walk across the yard to our home for her naps. Worse because Scott's family is more prone to the insisting on holding the baby thing. I also had to turn a smile and deaf ears on comments about my baby crying when other people held her, and how the fact that she wasn't eating solids yet is the reason why she is so skinny.

However, Pearl is now showing signs of readiness for starting solid foods, and I have a couple of delicious organic avocadoes waiting in the fridge for her. We'll probably give that a shot this week. I'd considered giving her some sweet potatoes at either of the dinners, but of course I want to document it and that would've been a lot to juggle at a strange place.

Neither dinner was a bad time, it was nice to see our families and Pearl got much adoration, too much adoration in fact. But like I said it's been a stressful, crazy two days, and I am thankful (haha) that they're over.

Seriously, I am thankful for my family, and for my husband's family, and especially for our little family of three.

Click on the photo below to see scenes from today's festivities.


Blogger christina said...

Skinny? She looks perfect to me!!! Have fun starting solids! Bean hated avocados...until he could feed them to himself! Bananas however, were his fave!!

7:24 PM  
Blogger fuzzypeach said...

Well, none of the comments were said in a mean way really... jokingly even I guess, I'm just overly sensitive I guess. It's all that stressful worrying;)

I think her size is fine too; I expected to have a chubbywubby baby, cause I was one, but nope!

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good holiday! What is it w/people when they insist on holding a baby who doesn't want to be held. My in-laws do that and I get the "oh he's OK." NO he's not OK, does it look like he's OK? Man I hate that. Yeah they usually are joking too but I'm super, duper sensitive too! I was actually able to nip the "why isn't he on solids' thing in the bud when we found out about his food senisitivties cuz I knew my mom would be pushing it when he hit 4 months. Fortunately I could play up his issue on why we need to wait until at least 6 months (he's not ready anyway). I always hear "he'll sleep better" yeah whatever.

Good luck w/the solids, can't wait to hear what Pearl thinks of it all! And hopefully see some pics or video of her first feeding :)

7:55 AM  

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