Saturday, January 14, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday - Personal History 2

That is my mom, with a red horse amidst the red rocks and red dirt of western Oklahoma, where she grew up. The wind always blows there. I don't know if that was her horse and I don't know if those were her sheds, or if she even knew whose they were. I don't know who took these pictures either, but I've always loved them... the browns and the blues, my mom, so young and pretty. I am a lot like my mom. Our lives have run a lot of parallels, both in ways that one would expect and ways that one would not. Since becoming a mother myself I have a new perspective of her, a clearer understanding of the way she felt about me and my siblings; why she cried when my older sister left for college.

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Blogger christina said...

These are gorgeous pictures! And yeah, I totally know what you mean about having a clearer picture of your mom... it all changes when you have a kid, doesn't it?

6:36 AM  
Blogger Davina said...


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Blogger Daphne_Blue said...

Those are great pictures. I think once we have our own kids we can look back at our own mothers and kind of say, "Oh. I get it now." It's easier to relate to them as a person than as a provider and authority figure.

Great post! XOXO

11:17 AM  

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