Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Despite purchasing two bags of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters (second bag being purchased after first bag being consumed) we did not stay home with our welcoming jack-o-lanterns to give it out to costumed children, nor did we go trick-or-treating ourselves. Instead we scampered off to a Halloween party at my sister's house. Pearl, of course, had awoken at 5:30 that morning and had only had a very short, early nap and was cranky, but she is always happy to go play at her cousin's house!

Happy Halloween!

She was dressed up as a fairy. I've been working on her costume for a few weeks and have really been enjoying the process: searching for inspiration, designing, cutting, experimenting, stitching, ripping out stitches, restitching, etc, etc. Much more fun and satisfying than sewing something from a pattern. The wings were a bit much so she only wore them for a few pictures... none of which were taken by me as both of my cameras' batteries were dead, irritatingly enough. I will post some here when they are sent my way!

The party was fun! One of my sister's friends made some fancy tasty drinks, and there were tons of Halloween and Autumnal foods (most of which I couldn't eat... dairy and all), including some baby-friendly treats. My sister set up her daughter's water table as an apple bobbing station for the babies, which was brilliant. Pearl loved dunking the apples and splashing the water, as did a little Darth Vader-garbed little buddy, who didn't so much dunk the apples as throw them straight into the water.

Best part: since we left the party late (you know you're a parent when you consider leaving a party at 8:30 "late"), Pearl's bedtime was pushed back and she slept blissfully past dawn... until 8:00 AM! What a treat!

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Blogger merseydotes said...

The party sounds great. And hats off to you for making your daughter's costume!

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be reading and rooting for you during NaBloPoMo.

Good luck!

9:21 AM  
Blogger SparklieSunShine said...

I love the pumpkins! I am glad you had a good Halloween. Good Luck with NaBloPoMo!!

2:17 PM  

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