Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Baby Bookworm

Baby Bookworm

Today being Thursday, we went to the library's program for babies. The past few times we've been there Pearl has not wanted out of my lap, but she smiles and laughs as babies and toddlers scamper around, and the adults sing and play hand games. Today she warmed up right as the program was ending and was clapping, then got up and did a little scampering around of her own.

Being Friendly

It is always a lot of fun to see all of the babies; the little tiny ones who stay put and take it all in, the fearless crawlers, the new walkers waddling around, the older tots singing and dancing along with the program's director. My favorite part of the program is the last verse to The Wheels on the Bus - when all the adults in the room sing, "The parents on the bus go 'Shh shh shh!'", all cooing and babbling and shouting and moving ceases and silence falls almost eerily across the room. Then the director wisely uses this moment of calm to start reading the day's book.

Baby Bookworms

After the book it's pretty much a free for all. A tub of books is set out for the babies. The moms gather up in clusters to chat... it's pretty clique-y, and being clique-less I feel rather left out and lonely at that point. (The playgroup I'd been going to fell apart with the advent of cold weather, so I'm feeling extra sad in this area.) Everyone seems to know people and have no interest in interlopers. Once I chatted with a nice mama who seemed to be like-minded, but I never saw her there again.

In the last picture, Pearl is investigating a little boy laying down with a book... he shortly afterward started kicking her, then later quite purposefully smacked her in the face with a book as she wandered by him! Poor Pearl was a little perplexed but other than that was okay; it takes more than that to get her down. Having been out of the daycare scene for a few years, I hadn't witnessed any baby-on-baby violence in a while. Was kind of startling.

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Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Aw. I feel bad that you have nobody to hang out with, and that poor Pearl was whacked by that nasty little boy. Day Care...groan... Pics are great though!

9:31 PM  
Anonymous emily said...

this post totally inspired me to look at our library's website to find a group for my little one.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous gearhead mama said...

Totally know what you mean about the clique-y thing. It's really annoying. Our library splits storytime into two age groups. My daughter is at the upper end of the baby group (she's almost 16 months, it goes to 18), and the last time we were there she was running around getting into everyone's sippy cup, etc., and everyone else was sitting nicely. Sigh. I decided to stop going until she's old enough for the toddler group, as I figure there will be much more general mayhem, and she'll fit in better. As it was, she wasn't interested at all with the singing or books. But she was the first kid to reach the toys when they opened up the room next door.

And what is with that violence? A little girl went up behind M and shoved her to the ground the other day! They weren't even interacting! I don't get it ...

1:36 PM  

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