Thursday, November 09, 2006

Project Complete: Shopping Cart Cover

This week I completed a project I started half a year ago: a shopping cart cover for Pearl to cruise around stores in! I am hoping this will cut down on some of the germs we are exposed to. She has had three colds in four weeks - we went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she sobbed and shook while having her ears and mouth and nose examined, but he determined there was no infection... just yet another cold - so this is one of the steps I'm taking to try and keep her healthy. I cut out the fabric for the cart cover in the beginning of this year, but Pearl got sick and I never finished it!

I made it loosely following instructions found here. The top part is pink flannel covered in crazy goggley-eyed orange giraffes, palm trees, and flowers - very bright and loud! The bottom layer is pink fleece. I put two pockets and one toy loop (though it only enraged her that my keys would not come loose from it). I made buttonholes for the first time for the carts' straps to go through, and for the drawstrings. All I have is a fuzzy picture; I might add a close-up of the fabric later because the print is so fun.

Hello from Walmart

I "rewarded" myself for completing this project by going to Walmart. I needed a few things from there that I hadn't been able to find elsewhere. We don't shop there normally and I was reminded why - it's dirty, crowded, and this trip introduced a new irritant: large flat screen tvs suspended from the ceiling, alternately spewing advertisements and country music. I didn't find half of what I was looking for there, either, and the curtain I bought was two small so I had to return it (see picture). I went to the classier Walmart across town but they didn't have any of the other things I was looking for, either. Ebay, ho!

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Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Your cart cover is super cute- I hope it does it's job more colds!!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous gearhead mama said...

Love the cover! How is it that so many people know how to sew?? I feel so ... incapable. Not quite the right word, but the brain is fried.

7:02 PM  

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