Thursday, November 23, 2006

What My Thanksgiving Looked Like

Oh, what a day. We'd intended to go see my in-laws in the morning, but being sick and tired and busy, we didn't. We'll visit with them tomorrow. Big family get-togethers like this always seem to stress me way out; surely that's not normal. I spend so much mental energy on making sure Pearl is ok and not getting into anything or being overwhelmed by adoring relatives that I don't feel able to focus on people like I should, and I don't have enough time to talk to out-of-state loved ones before Pearl gets tired and cranky. But it is always good to spend whatever time I can with my family, and the feast was delicious. I didn't get any really good photos of it, the dish I contributed, or much of anything really. I did however take a huge group shot of my family at my grandparents' request as pretty much everyone was there for once, and I think I got some that will be very good, with a little tweaking.

Ali and Lainie
My little sister helping Pearl on some steps

Kaida Digs
My niece digging in the dirt (wish I had caught her hand in the shot!)

Guitar Heros
Two of my brothers, my husband, and my cousin playing Guitar Hero on PS2

One of Three Tables

The first dishes of the meal are set out...

Even though this holiday (and all the major holidays, now that I think of it) are pretty much a stressfest for me I can't help but mark the day for what it is: a time to be thankful for what I have - a big extended family that gives so much love, a kind, loving husband who works hard to provide us with good food and shelter, and my daughter, the light of my life.

Reading Books in the Morning

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was a good one, too.

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Blogger Charlie said...

"Big family get-togethers like this always seem to stress me way out; surely that's not normal."

That is SO normal.

Or, at least I hope it is, because Caity and I go through it every year. Something about the perceived expectations, I guess.

8:01 PM  

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