Sunday, November 19, 2006


I have been meaning to write this out, and now, with Thanksgiving nearing, seems a good time. I was to express my gratitude for all the kind and supportive words left in the comments of the post I made a few weeks ago about the abortion I had five years ago.

Thank you for sharing your own stories and sorrows. It is always strengthening to know that others have been there, too.

Thank you for complimenting my self-portrait. It was the first time I'd used my D50 with a wireless remote, and I ended up with a portrait that was just what I had in mind (minus a bit of photoshopping, of course).

Thank you for checking out and perhaps even signing the We Had Abortions petition, which aims to end the silence and stigma that surrounds abortion.

If anyone perhaps felt like saying less than kind things, thank you for not doing so. I was bracing for it. I am glad to have been wrong.

When the fact that I'd had an abortion was made known to my friends and family, a last painful weapon pulled out by my ex-husband when I told him I no longer wanted to be married to him, I called my mother to tell her before she heard from anyone else. After I had done so I couldn't help but ask if she still loved me. And of course she said she did. Her answer, of course, was yes. You can't really comprehend the love a mother feels for her child until you are a mother yourself. I wouldn't need to ask such a question today.

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Blogger you da mom! said...

What a courageous story to tell. I think I would have done the same thing had I gotten pregnant that young. And, being a mother now, I understand the need to celebrate life in all forms. You keeping the memory of your first pregnancy REAL is a form of honor and respect, in my eyes. I think it is so healthy!

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