Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stomach Bug

Yesterday I thought Pearl seemed a little off throughout the day and wondered if she might be getting sick. In the late afternoon after a little coughing and gagging, and a concerned question from me, she ran and hugged my legs and as I leaned down to return this toddler hug she started puking all over the both of us. I put my hand out to catch it -she was already throwing up, so I found this a strange instinctive movement to make- and was met with a warm cascade of apple chunks, black bean soup, and chickpeas.

(I think motherhood has warped my senses a wee bit, as I found myself noticing how tiny and cute her little bites of apple were.)

So, we had a Friday evening filled with trying to get the poor girl to puke somewhere that wasn't carpeted or upholstered, a location that involved my person five out of six times. A three shower day. A labyrinth of dirty clothes, clean clothes, washrags, and the laundry room. A midnight change of bedding.

She's sleeping again now, which is good. She doesn't seem to be throwing up as frequently if she's sleeping, so maybe that means she's able to digest some breastmilk then. So far she hasn't been able the keep anything she's eaten since noon yesterday down.


She hasn't thrown up in about six hours, so I'm hoping she's through the worst of it now!

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Here We Go Again!

One week from today, we're moving! We've been halfheartedly searching for a new place for a while, and when the weather turned colder (before the last time it changed its mind and got warmer again) we faced the reality of the impending heating costs and stepped up the search.

We found an okay apartment that we were about to settle for when we found a much better place instead - downstairs, we could bring all the appliances we bought when we moved to this house, and a yard - but a few days after we put down a deposit I noticed where some water damage had spawned some nasty black mold in the closets and big bedroom. I did not like to think of my family breathing that in as we slept, didn't like the idea of the trouble it would take to get rid of it, and the landlady was in denial about it, so! We got our deposit back, and despondently began looking again.

We were looking to move into an apartment to save on energy costs but I called about a house with rent lower than this one's anyway, because we weren't having much luck. I'm glad I did because this house is really cute. It is small, bright and sunshiny, and it has a nice open floor plan. The kitchen has a south-facing garden window, which just tickles me to death. I've always wanted one, and I'm looking forward to growing herbs inside this winter. It has a wee little loft, which is fun - I am sure Pearl will think it is the best thing ever to have stair in her own house! We can take our beloved fridge and washer and dryer, and it has a nice deck and fenced in backyard, so we'll have some outside space of our own. It's close to Mr. Peach's work, and closer than we were to the library and grocery stores and parks.

So I am quite excited and relieved to have found this place. The next week (and then some I'm sure) will be a flurry of packing and uprooting and resettling, with a lot of turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and family visits thrown in.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!