Friday, October 17, 2008

Snakes/Snails/Puppy Dog Tails

We found out this morning that we are going to have a boy! His umbilical cord was right in the way for most of the scan, so our nurse-midwife wants to double check the gender as well as some other things at the next appointment. However, I got a clear glimpse towards the end of the show and there isn't any doubt in my mind. We are going to have a son!

This news and the fact that I've been tending Pearl through a throwing-up bug has made it all kinds of an exciting and emotional day. Poor girl was clingy and tearful and unreasonable getting ready for the appointment, and on the way home she threw up in her car seat - a real 'aha, that's what's going on' moment. She is, thankfully, feeling much better now.

Ultrasounds are such neat things. It's so neat to see your little one wiggling away, putting an image to what you feel from the inside, to catch a glimpse of a little hand, an ear, toes...

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