Friday, January 04, 2008


Here is last year's list of resolutions and the like - let's see what I accomplished!

Green means the goal was accomplished, Orange means it's one I partially did or am still working on, and Reds are the ones I fell flat on my face over, and/or I'm abandoning.

* Create a mixed vegetable-herb-flower garden that is beautiful as well as functional: Perhaps it wasn't as beautiful and functional a garden as I would've liked, but it was a pretty good garden! A garden is a very rewarding project.
* Be kinder and more patient: worked on it. Still working on it.
* Eat less sweets: not even close on this one. Oops.
* Learn more about nutrition and put what I learn into practice: Yes! I read and experimented lots and while I still have more to learn, I feel I have done pretty well in coming up with a healthy, ethical, and somewhat frugal diet for my family.
* Add lunches to the meal plan so that Pearl and I always have something yummy and healthy to eat in the middle of the day: Nope. Really should do this.
* Be more diligent about reading nonfiction: I read a few books.
* Keep the house cleaner: Hmmmm... maybe? I guess not noticeably so.
* Breathe deeply: Some. Need to remember this more.
* Learn to felt: No.
* Go through my bazillion digital photographs and get rid of the cruddy ones: Did a bit, need to do more.
* Learn to knit: No.
* Get more bookshelves: Yes! Mr. Peach bartered his computer skills for someone 's carpentry skills, and we now have one handmade by friends.
* Frame and hang more pictures: Yes.
* Install a cat door: No, and there's no need anymore.
* Make a quilt for our bed: No. Would still like to.
* Set up Pearl's room: I want to say yes, as the second bedroom in this place has been somewhat set up as her playroom... but even it isn't complete, so no.
* Start moving Pearl into her own bed: Yes! She sleeps in her own bed right next to ours, but I still sleep in it with her half the time at least...
* Make my own greeting cards - enlist Pearl's help on some! Nope. I still hope to this year.
* Do yoga: no.
* Learn to batik: No, though I did buy the supplies.
* Start composting: Yes! Didn't get to enjoy the boost it gave my garden in the next season because we moved, but it was awesome to not just throw stuff out.
* Write more: Not as much as I'd like. In fact, I'm pretty sure I wrote less.
* Learn more about my camera and photography: some.
* Go camping: Yes! We went a few times and it was great.
* Take Pearl to a nearby big aquarium: Yes! That was fun.
* Bake my own bread: I made some banana bread a couple of times...
* Attend the UU church, at least once: No, but I still think about it from time to time.
* Finish Pearl's baby book and have it printed & bound: It's so close to being done it's not funny. I need to buckle down and do it.
* Get braces: Yes! Boy, are they a pain, but they've already been worth it.
* Visit my brother-in-law and do some fun stuff in the city he lives in: This one's a bummer as he and his girlfriend broke up and he moved back home before we got around to it! However, we did go there for a concert...
* Plant morning glories along the fence: Yes, and they were lovely.
* Have friends and family over for dinner more often: Not as much as I intended, but some.
* Get out of the house by myself more, and not on errands, just for fun! I took and LOVED belly dancing lessons! Can't wait for the next round.
* Buy only clothes that are comfortable, fit well, and are of good quality... this includes underwear! I hardly bought any clothes at all but I did okay with this one.
* Be more appreciative of my talents: This one's a maybe. It's definitely one worth still working on.
* Research vaccinations and decide what to do about them: Still working on this one.
* Brush up on my espanol. No.
* Find a good family doctor. No.
* Paint. Draw. Not much:(
* Do some volunteer work. No.
* Don't go so long between haircuts that I feel like a total frump: I actually decided to grow long hair for the first time since I was a child. In doing so I have ditched traditional shampoos and conditioners in favor of shampoo bars, cider vinegar, honey, oils.... and I have learned that my hair is not straight, as it used to be, but wavy and sometimes curly! I love it. I do, however, need a trim.
* Get dinner at least partially prepared during the day so I can spend more time in the evening with my husband and daughter: Did okay with this one... need to renew my efforts.
* Remember that all I'm assured of ever getting is this moment. This is a perpetual goal, surely.



Anonymous sarahgrace said...

That's a pretty impressive list. I'm impressed with all you did get done on it.
It's kind of a cool idea to go back and see what you've accomplished.

9:00 PM  

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