Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Twenty-Eight Months Old

This is Pearl, twenty-eight months old:


Pearl is not at a stage where she enjoys really helping me bake, and vice versa. She loves standing on the step stool and scooping and dumping ingredients, stirring them together, and talking with me about what's going on. She even likes to help with the clean up!


For the past few weeks she has being using the potty at a rate as high as 100% some days! She doesn't usually ask to go, however - but when I set her on the potty she goes! It's all just working suddenly. I am enjoying the relative freedom from diapers and hoping it lasts.

With me taking belly dancing classes she has been getting more solo time with her Daddy and that has been fun for both of them. She has also picked up some of my moves after watching me practice and it is perhaps the cutest thing ever.

Puddle Splashing

She is getting better about verbalizing her wants and needs, which is good. When she is hungry, she says, "What would you like best to eat?" (a spin on a line from a poem) and takes off for the fridge. It is nice not having to guess so much.

This month she started refusing to ride in shopping carts at stores - oh, the horror! All is well until I have her feet almost throw the holes and she bucks about and starts fussing. Thankfully, a quick talk about how she can only walk in the store if it's a quick trip or if Daddy is there to help, and so please sit in the cart, works. I did not expect it to... but she is more reasonable these days than I give her credit for I guess. These shifts away from babyhood throw me sometimes.

Bug Dominos

She is a very social creature lately. She loves when children we meet at the playground will play with her. It is sweet to see her become excited at mention of plans made with friends and families, and the affection she shows them when together.

Her appetite has exploded this months and I have been astonished at how much she can put away at one sitting!

Spending Time in the Garden, Post-Painting

We have been so busy these past few months that I haven't been getting these monthly updates done quite on time, but I am making sure that I do. I want to at least have record of what little I manage to remember by the end of the month... it's sad, how quickly memory fades.

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Blogger S said...

After reading about Pearl's reasoning I was just going to recommend Unconditional Parenting, but I see it in your library already! I just finished it today and I too am amazed how much you can reason with a two-year-old and how Istra just seems to understand sometimes more than I would give her credit for. Istra too loves to bake with me. It's like the highlight of her day when I say, "do you want to help Mommy make supper?" or better yet.. cookies. (:

1:06 PM  
Anonymous gearhead mama said...

She is such a doll ... love the photos. Too awesome about the potty!

6:27 PM  

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