Sunday, September 16, 2007

First of the Autumn Sewing

I started on sewing some clothes for early Autumn a few weeks ago, looking forward to the change of seasons.

And now cooler weather has arrived: clear bright days mixed in with cool rainy ones, and nights that are already chilly.

First I made Pearl this tiered skirt out of a dark red floral fine wale corduroy that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2 a yard - can't beat that!

Then I made her an autumn-hued patchwork twirly skirt - same way I made this dress a few months ago. It's made from bold & bright cotton prints with a few patches of soft brown corduroy from an old skirt of mine thrown in.

Autumn Owl Outfit

I used the same fabrics on the owl applique I put on an organic cotton tee (I used the corduroy on his wings and head, and he has two big wooden button eyes). It was my first time to do applique and I am quite proud of how it turned out. And Pearl loves it!

And I am proud to announce that I made something wearable for myself! It is a tiered skirt made from brown, fine wale corduroy. I followed a tutorial I found online and have since lost that conveniently fit my own measurements, plus a few little embellishments like the extra ruffle at the bottom.

Self-made Corduroy Skirt

You can't tell from these photos, or in some lights, but I totally goofed up and put a few pieces of the skirt together with the nap going in the opposite directions... but by the time I realized this, the dress had already been topstitched and the seams finished, so I said, oh well!

From the Back

More Autumn projects to show coming up, as I finish them!

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Anonymous Leigh said...

Amazing job, I love these skirts. The colors in your daughter's skirt are so deep and autumnal. And her shirt...oh my the cuteness!
I've always been so envious of those who can sew - or who at least learn to sew. It's on my list of 100 things to do before I die. :)

9:56 AM  
Blogger doow said...

Great work! It must be so satisfying to make your own clothes. It's funny, I've started doing a bit of creative "nesting" too now that autumn is on its way. I've finished a knitted hat and the french kitting is back in play too.

2:10 PM  
Blogger merseydotes said...

I am so impressed with the owl! All of it is great, but that is amazing. I can see why Pearl loves it.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

All of it is beautiful. It's time like this, when I see someone else's gogeous handiwork, that I wish I was good at sewing.

5:29 AM  

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