Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Twenty-Seven Months Old

Pearl is twenty-seven months old now and cute as can be! We've been having lots of fun lately.

She Loves the Windchimes

She is playing with her toys in new ways, putting various dolls and animals through many of the things she herself does each day, and describes it all as she makes it happen: "Baby is sleeping!" "Pig is drinking; the pig is so thirsty!" and so on.

Pearl enjoys watching nature videos and has picked up a few quotes that she likes. It amuses me greatly to hear her announce as she descends from wherever she is perched, "It's safe to come down and gather food."

Gathering Acorns in a Mama-made Corduroy Skirt

She had her first bad stomach bug during the first half of this month... a fever and runny nose, accompanied by diarrhea. We almost took her to see a doctor after a week of it, but the research I'd done and my instincts told me it wasn't anything to be worried about and I'm glad we didn't, because it cleared up in a few more days. Still, it was less than fun for all involved.

After a nice stretch of easy bedtimes and restful naps, getting her to sleep is taking a lot of time and effort again... Always, the ups and downs. She has upper molars coming in now, which has something to do with it I'm sure.

She still feels the urge to lash out when she is angry or upset (so different from her mama, who tends to hold her hurts close - Pearl's way is healthier, no doubt.) but has learned to refrain from hitting for the most part; she instead swings her arms at her sides and mutters, "No hitting," or sometimes, "So angry." There's been some headbutting and biting too, but we're dealing with it and trying to help her find alternate ways of expressing her negative emotions.

She likes to "do faces": I'll say, "Show me your x face," and she'll make the appropriate face . Interestingly, her responses to being asked to show happy expressions tend to include bouncing up and down, and interpretations of negative emotions include leaning back and sticking her big belly out.

This month I went out by myself after putting Pearl to sleep for the night. I went to a party and had a wonderful time, but had to come back to a very upset baby and a very unsettled Daddy. I hadn't really prepared her in any way because I didn't think she'd wake before I returned - so of course she did, and was extremely unhappy that I wasn't there. She went right back to sleep as I nursed her and didn't show any signs of having suffered from it the next day or afterwards, so hopefully it wasn't too traumatic.


It was so nice to get out and have some grown-up fun by myself; it makes being at home with the most beautiful and amazing thing at the world even more wonderful.

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Anonymous gearhead mama said...

Lovely photos as always. What is it with the sleep? We have the same thing, good stretches and bad stretches. When will it ever end? I'm beginning to think it will be when she moves out of the house.

We've had the whole "leave thinking she'll sleep through and have her wake up mightily upset" thing too. They seem to have a sixth sense that way (just like M always skips her naps on the days when I desperately need one).

But it is nice to get some grown up time, and actually be able to complete sentences, isn't it?

9:08 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Your daughter is so beautiful - look at those eyes - so big and wide. I love(d) watching my children at this stage of development - their pretend play, their mind working, the things they say. It's definitely a time to treasure.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous SusieJ said...

I love that you have this record for her. So many times, we get busy and forget to do the baby book, and preserve the memories. But here they are -- the blog calls and and we do document. She's beautiful.

10:08 AM  

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