Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now or Never

If I don't post now I may never gather up the will to do so again. So, here I am.

Mr. Peach has been very busy with a big job at work and a couple of hard classes at school, so we haven't seen much of him lately. Feels pretty lonely around here a lot of the time. But the first summer semester is drawing to a close and he's applied for a new job (at the same place) so I don't expect it to be so bad for much longer. In fact I'm pretty sure he's going to get the job... it seems like it is time for some change to come, and perhaps this is it.

A recent visit with a couple of friends from high school really made me feel that not only would I not wish to make friends with these people today, but I do not wish to expose my daughter to attitudes they express. Even so, we were children together and I feel fondly towards them. One of them is currently organizing a little reunion for our class and is insisting that I should come. I don't really want to (but in a way I sort of do) so that's been on my mind a lot lately as well.

And amongst several sewing/household/garden projects I have going on, this week I have been preparing for a camping trip! The brave Elaine has assured me that camping with a toddler or two can be done (and fun!) and I guess we're about to find out! This will be our first time since before I was pregnant. We've been busy making sure our gear is in good shape, shopping for new stuff, making lists, researching campgrounds, coming up with menus, etc etc. We are going to the Buffalo National River, one of the loveliest areas in the country surely, and one that I am very fond of. I've gone camping and swimming and hiking their since I was eight and I have wonderful memories of the clear water (once I saw a twenty dollar bill at the bottom of the river, and treated my family to Pizza Hut on the way home)
and fireflies filling the dark valleys with shifting patterns of green light. I am very excited to be taking Pearl camping there.



Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Yes...camping with babies and toddlers can be done indeed, and it's not too bad- as long as you have a little extra help. Enjoy your camping trip, sounds really fun and you'll be just fine, especially with just one little one to look after.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous gearhead mama said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! I think camping would be a blast. The only thing I don't know how to manage is the sleeping thing, since M doesn't seem able to sleep unless she is left alone in a dark room with a white noise machine {shrug}. If I could just get over that hurdle, I would be making camping plans as we speak!

4:09 PM  

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