Thursday, September 06, 2007

One Day/One Week

The sky is temperamental today; doesn't know whether to be gloomy and overcast or giddy with sunshine. It happens to be quite an appropriate representation of how I am feeling today.

Tomorrow, Pearl will be spending her first night away from us. She is going to stay the night at my mom's as a test run before we go see a Cloud Cult concert three hours away next Thursday.

I know my mom (and my dad and my siblings) will take good care of Pearl, and do everything in their power to keep Pearl happy. But, oh, am I nervous. I think she'll be fine during the awake hours; it's night time I'm worried about. She still sleeps with us and some nights she wakes a lot, and usually wants to nurse. So I can't help thinking, what if she needs me, and I'm not there?

I've talked about it with her a lot throughout the week and she is excited to be going to sleep with Grandma and her Aunt, but less responsive about other parts of it... it's hard for me to know how much she understands.

I think it will be okay. I think it will be fun for her. I didn't think I'd want to leave her overnight so soon, but then this opportunity came up... and so hopefully this will go well, because I am really looking forward to this concert.

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Anonymous gearhead mama said...

Best of luck, and let us know how it goes.

8:46 PM  

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